Thursday, August 31, 2023

Questions To Ponder

The possibility of the assassination of Donald Trump has been raised by Tucker Carlson. This creates two questions:

1). Just what does anyone think the result of such an action would be?

2). Are the commies really that stupid?


1). ACWII immediately goes from cold to screaming hot.

2). Yes they are.


  1. The criminal commie left has gotten away with every crime they've committed for decades. Why would they stop now. They've murdered hundreds of political opponents, Trump is just another opponent. Remember, they murdered Justice Scalia....and nobody even blinked.

  2. It is unlikely they would be stupid enough to try and assassinate him and create a martyr - not to say some unhinged leftist may try it.

    Trump is far, far, more useful to them alive as their Emmanuel Goldstein boogeyman that they can vilify and campaign on stopping. Otherwise rational Dems, few as they are go nuts when you mention Trump - they want to keep that hatred going at a fever pitch to get the vote out.

    It lets their entire campaign be simply Dump on Trump without ever having to justify nor even discuss their litany of failures in office not to mention the lack of compos in the mentis of their current leader.


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